When electricity flows through the coil, it generates a magnetic field that pulls the injector open. Email me if you have any further questions after trying my suggestions up top on the link TaQuickness put up. The important difference between low- and high-impedance injectors is the amount of electric current they require. Is this the end of the road for your 9-second street machine? Originally Posted by TAQuickness.

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Acceleronics VeraFueler order page

Fire your beast up and go win some races! The force generated by the injsctor of wire is proportional to the current squared. Back to Top Is the VersaFueler hard to install?

Email me if you have any further questions after trying my suggestions up top on acceleronis link TaQuickness put up. This variation may not sound like much, but remember that the injector is typically only open for 1.

Swap in those big injectors. Acceleronics stocks fuel injectors from Bosch, Delphi, Lucas, and Siemens. Your ECU doesn’t care whether the injectors are low-impedance, or high-impedance. It takes a big current the peak to yank them open, but a much smaller current the hold to keep them open.


We also offer 3 day select and 2 day air shipping upgrades. The fast injector is fully open for 2.

The mismatch is because high impedance injectors vary widely in the time it takes them to open. In fact, even if you connect one directly to your car’s acceledonics, it will not draw much juice. Written by Jeff Stevens. JM – the first post in this thread has some good info on how to get 96’ers to run on a stock PCM. Find More Posts by Tiago. Acceleronics uses PayPal for secure credit card processing.

Acceleronics VersaFueler Injector impedance converter – Nasty Performance Parts For Cars, Trucks

The box simply splices between your ECU and injectors. My car has 4 or 6 or 5, or 10 cylinders, can I use the Acceleronics VersaFueler? You will specify what shipping option you want when you check out.

Again using the LT1-Edit example, we changed the values in the “injector offset versus voltage” table.

I lived with it, it would load up the plugs if I idle too long, but just caceleronics some boost to clean it up lol We at Acceleronics hope that customers honor our patent by purchasing our product, not a knockoff sold by a patent infringer. Even though they are high-impedance, they’re light enough that the small current can yank them open quickly. I have the 60 mototron injectors allready.


Acceleronics VersaFueler Injector Driver

Just want to get a little feedback. If the VersaFueler is patented, why do I see knockoffs on the market?

All of our injector sets are carefully flow matched using our computer-controlled flow bench. Why can’t I run low-impedance injectors with the factory computer? The VersaFueler can run them all! Acceleronics uses UPS ground as our standard shipping service. Back to Top Will the VersaFueler run my stock injectors? Not at all, it’s iinjector

Suppose your engine works like this: Originally Posted by TAQuickness. The high-impedance injectors used by carmakers do not use much current.