They are also known as ADSL routers. I have been using it to run broadband on my desktop using the LAN port Ethernet cable. Single band routers operate on 2. Check speed at speedtest. Thanks a lot, my dear friend. In the box Netgear provides line splitters, lan cable, telephone cable as well. I am now currently using a Nokia-Seimens modem that they supplied on hire basis not to do the fault again of buying a modem from them.

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My problem is that I cannot access internet from my Apple iphone. Jul 24, Messages: It is showing connected bt not able to open ny websites!!!

To add insult to injury, the BSNL Customer care is almost ineffective, they are not even able to identify what is the problem! It went fo repair by BSNL and they exchanged it for another. The orignal one had rating: And taht is the correct speed coz when i start download IE7 from microsoft website, it only gives 25 kbps speed. When I restart my modem, it starts working again.


Router for BSNL or MTNL broadband

I dont have any idea what the problem is. If yes then i want modem setting for bsnl broadband.

My query is — is there any way to know where the problem started. Simply Switch off the Modem and Switch on it again to apply the new settings and then move broadbahd the next step… 2: But the sad news is I am not able to connect to internet at all neither thru wireless not with a LAN cable.

Your Current Bandwidth Reading: D provides stable wifi connection without any drops and covers sq feet area very well. You cannot use the USB port to connect to printer. FYI try resetting to factory default and then updating the settings from a backed up setting file gets tiresome when done manually if you really need to log on.

The original power adaptor supplied by bsnl got bust. Only type Ii with usb port WAA http: Guys someone pls help me.

There is no problem with the phone line. Another way to find Routers with a modem is to look for port RJ in the description.


Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Can anyone provide me bsnl type 2 wi-fi modem drivers please.? Thanks sir for replying. I remember I had a terrible time when my friend had reset his modem to default. Banl is the biggest con of this router. Simply follow these instruction: I have a BSNL broadband internet connection.

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Please reply and help me friends. May 31, Messages: I set my modem setting according as shown in top of this page ie. They are very popular because of their price point.

Friends,already purchased the Wi-Fi adapter. Amit Bhavani Please do something about the scrolling of the page. Adls had portforwarded and was getting good download speed. Say Like GO top Go bttom!