Perhaps over the next year many software developers will support MediaQ, OS 5 and memory modules. While there may be many particularly first-time PDA buyers? Battery life is more than adequate for a full day under a typical heavy users scenario, though keeping Bluetooth constantly activated can result in accelerated power consumption. But I hated it. Pros – 1 – Any complaints against the 3com Palm OS 5 is irrelevent. Another, if a alarm goes off on would have to open the lid to see the message, because the lid is not transparent. Setting up the TG50 to pair with a Sony-Ericsson T68i was reasonably straight-forward and the thumb-board works great with the SMS application not to mention that the two devices are a very nice match!

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The last line of the review was a telling indictment of the mindset of the reviewer I’ve owned visor prism, clie ux treo 90 and a palm zire. Start recording important sessions with the built-in voice-recorder of this Sony PDA.

It stands for BackSpace: Sony Cell Phone Batteries for Sony. One thing to note I’ve had minimal experience with the NZ90, but at first pass, it’s very similar to the TG The extra step to open the flip is annoying. The brushed aluminum is somewhat scratch-prone, so you shouldn’t carry the device in a pocket with coins or keys.


Sony PEG-TG50

The CLIE screen produces a fine image. One of the reasons that I haven’t “yet” retired my old IIIxe is that it has the nice hard flipcover.

I am or was the owner of: This means that it is inaccessible when the handheld is docked in it’s cradle, and unfortunately unlike the NXthere’s no stylus holder built into the cradle. Palm OS 5 ver 5. Full versions of Bejeweled tg0 PowerOne Personal calculator; and StreetFinder Express mapping software are included as well as a broad range of trial-version applications see the Clie website for the full list.

Combine that with a well designed bluetooth phones with Internet capability none so far, current ones have software problems and the TG50 will probably be a device people don’t lieave home without.

Sony CLIÉ PEG-TG50 Specs – CNET

IMO, the marketing decision for a keyboard instead of virtual graffiti was a poor one. Better yet, it’s backlit. The PDA as a stand-alone is still a good idea and these units are ttg50 the peak of the curve on functionality while being attractively on the downcurve of price-onality.

In case there ever exists any software that can take advantage of this. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

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But over time, we clis to like it and appreciated that it’s backlit.

Man, I’m gonna miss HandEra Sound quality, particularly with a good pair of headphones, is very good. Cllie technology on the cheap that still is cool What with everything ending up on increasingly feature rich and equally richly priced cell phones.

Sony PEG-TG50 | eBay

This one adds like the ux40 a built in keyboard which is a necessity for people who want to be able to input large amounts of text t5g0 quickly and accurately unlike the decuma software.

Possible solution is to place a plastic tab on the edge of the lid. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted tg0 Sounds great but lacks vision. Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden. Let me choose to take it off. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. As far as software extras go, the package includes the aforementioned CD-ROM, which is chock-full of programs–and not just trial versions–and utilities.