Note that if a decoder can’t skip frames for some reason, you would never see frames skipped they would be all discarded. Again vcddump or vcdxrip can help here. However, if that doesn’t work try pressing “a” to manually change the aspect ratio. When I play this stream, xine shows video but there’s no audio! Basically you will only have to issue one command, if you have just downloaded a source tarball from our web site:.

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Above all, it’s a movie player, but it wetup can play audio files or connect to live streams. How can I make xine use the Xv extension and what drivers do I need?

Don’t you use CVS? To view EPG data select contigure 7″. Characters in this font should cover all codepages you want supported, otherwise you’ll have missing characters.

Some example could be a mixer application or sound daemon like artsd. What is this “unscaled” OSD convigure If you do not find binary packages for your platform or the packages which you found don’t seem to work, follow the next two steps to download xine sources and install them:.

donfigure There’s a command you can run to get xine to scan your setup and advise you about configuration issues – DMA settings, etc. Unfortunately most codecs like MPEG2 use a subsampled image format YV12 that makes properly blending an interesting challenge.


the xine project – FAQ list

You are solely responsible for your own actions. If this happens with any video, first try a different audio driver gxine -A ossgxine -A artsxine -A alsa ….

Note that if a decoder can’t skip frames for some reason, you would never see frames skipped they would be all discarded. The Xv video-out plugin fails to compile!

While the container format system layer ASF wmv is just an alias is fully supported in xine, for newer windows media 9 based streams you’ll need to install windows binary codecs. The number of supported cards is pretty limited at the moment. This is why settup tries to use Xv by default. It is now their idea, that you shall only play DVDs, which have been produced for your region.

The most common frontend is that of a media player. Some plugins that come with the xine engine need additional libraries otherwise they will not be built. This page was last modified on 15 Wetupat Seetup is the xine engine? You might try to read a disk image of a VideoCD and thus elimate any problems with sftup. CPP to specify the C preprocessor executable. You can find build and installation instructions here.


Some xine drivers do not support volume changing although the GUI will show the volume bar. Having a problem logging in? You’ll need to close down the applications before continuing. You have a VideoCD with menu and can see it, but there is no menu on startup? The other method is to make xine use ESD for audio output with:.

DVD Playback with xine. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

xine(1) – Linux man page

In any case, please keep in mind that you have to build and install xine-lib first before you can proceed with xine-ui or gxine. If you want to compile xine from Mercurial, you’ll need to have the autobuild tools installed automake, autoconf and libtool — in recent versions.

The situation with real files and streams is pretty similar to the situation with Quicktime Streams see above. There have being discussions on improving the blending quality but, so far, nobody implemented a better scaled overlay renderer. The package doesn’t compile at all!