Some preamplifiers and tuners do however produce loud switch-on pops, and a few of them the Dyna PAT-4, for example will pop if the input selector switch is operated during the first several seconds after switch-on. Gordon Holt Manufacturer’s Comment The power output capabilities of past and present power amplifiers have been based, not on acoustic requirements, but on electro-economic considerations. Log in or register to post comments. There’s not really much more to be said about its sound, because the DC appears to be entirely without any sound of its own. If we had been asked some time ago to describe our “dream amplifier,” chances are we would have described the Crown DC We thought we had heard virtual perfection in power amplifiers before. Customer Service About your order Wishlist Compare list.

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Threshold T power amplifier.

DataSafe Dc-300 150 off CD DVD Blu-ray Automatic Storage Library Carousel

Bricasti Design M15 power amplifier. The DC’s distortion is low enough to expose to the Nine’s unsurpassed transient response, it appears to be completely stable with the Nine’s highly reactive loading, and its power capabilities are a perfect match for the Nine.

The Amperite N with a second delay and 5A capacity would do it. The accompanying IC preamp was equally horrible.

Here’ wishing we get more great vintage reviews that warrant our attention along side of new reviews we can realistically aspire to not just reading about, but to actually owning. Constellation Inspiration Stereo 1. For much less money you can get a NAD amplifier. Loose, wooly, somewhat boomy low end suddenly became detailed, controlled, and well-defined. Sign in Register Email. The best you could get from tubes within the realm of sanity was about 75 watts a channel.


Multiple units are stackable for saving space maximum 5 in one stack. After searching the software, simply double-click the required item and the library will spin and eject the disc for your convenience. Terms and Conditions- Discussion. Wake no mistake, the difference is audible, even at low listening levels.

Ve tried all the usual accident-type things in an effort to get the amp to self-destruct, but it didn’t. And while Crown electronics didn’t sound nearly as good as decent tube electronics, there were worse solid state items on the market than Crown back then. Now, daatsafe WAS good sounding solid state gear It used rugged, but slow output devices and huge amounts of negative feedback.

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Datawrite DC Electronic CD/DVD Library Storage System

An even better idea would be to install a time-delay relay between the DC and cd-300 controlled switched outlet from the main control center. Ads for their tape decks said ” Clearly the larger the amplifier, other things being equal, the more faithful the sound.

And since the amplifier’s gain is about average, the controls will have to be all the way up unless you’re driving highly efficient loudspeakers, so it is wise to check for compatibility with the preamplifier you plan to be using. After the DC, any other datasxfe amp will be anticlimactic.


~ Datawrite DC-300 Electronic CD/DVD Library Storage System

Should a loudspeaker be judged on the datasaef of its potential performance, or on the basis of its performance under what might be considered “realistic” conditions of use? It’s claim to fame was stable power, power, and more power. The oommon practice of measuring IM down to no lower than 1 watt is not an adequate test for crossover notch distortion, as large amounts of IM are often produced between 10mW and 1W, while distortion above 1W is acceptably low.

They just make cheap knock-offs of much better semi-pro and pro equipment. Rugged was the key word for Crown. Pass Laboratories XA25 power amplifier. There is progress Submitted by mrkaic on April 14, – 5: In most cases, it as though a subtle or unsubtle, occasionally veil has been lifted, allowing one to listen to fatasafe music instead of at it. It’s successor, the DCA wasn’t much better. We won’t hold our breath! The DC will deliver almost exactly W maximum per channel into a 16 ohm load, and when two KLH Nine panels are paralleled in a four-panel system, the resulting 8 ohm load allows the amplifier to deliver almost Wpc, which is still close to the rated capacity of the speaker system.