If price is secondary to your free time I recommend you get the AmigaKit product, it should make things easier. I tried Firefox at least 10 different times in as many years on several of my computers, but I can’t or just plain don’t know how to set it up once installed. Did you miss your activation email? Find More Posts by Jope. I found a Microsoft article I printed out back in about doing a fresh install of Windows 98 on a HD.

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Did you miss your activation email? I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool. Not supported you could have downloaded the package youself and checked out the compatibility list. Find More Posts by Chain.

b3 install on DELL Latitude CPiA and 3Com 3CCFEBT-D NI

3ccfe755bt-d sure I’ll menage to find something. Thanks guys for letting me bend your ears. I have actaully 2 cards wireless I will get letter from my brother. Is Windows 98 capable of using an ethernet card?

I do understand though that Firefox eell a great browser, but unless I can chat with someone with experience on setting it up I’m dead in the water. According to some sites I googled, including Microsoft, I need the cd-rom and the floppy the computer can read from each device.


Could be just misinformation, though.

Loading Windows 98 Upgrade issues. Forum only search News: Originally Posted by alexh OS3. Before posting on our computer help 3ccfe575b-td, you must register. My dilemma is not having access to both at the same time. Support your Amiga shop! I never networked an Amiga before I don’t have problems with networking PCs as I’m kind a network admin with all other admin functions as well.

3Com Megahertz 3CCFE575BT-D (Dell)

Yes it is a 3Com device. If I’m not in the correct forum for this question let me know. Anyway, I am satisfied with the progress I made with the old Dell Inspiron and I learned a few things along the way.

The best way I have found to install Win98 is to use an existing machine that is using Win98, then copy the Win98 folder from the Win98 CD to a folder on the hard drive. Is it possible to find drivers for it to work with 98?


You’ll have to download them off Aminet and install. Click here it’s easy and free. Is it possible and where to find amiga drivers for them? ClassicWB doesnt have network components. Everything works well with that OS, but if I install SP3 the Inspiron is a dog and takes forever for anything to come up when I click on something.

I found a Microsoft article I printed out back in about doing a fresh install of Windows 98 on a HD. Amiga network Card. I am not sure if the wireless card you have will be this type. Find More Posts by Jope. I’m sure we can figure this out somehow. Zetr0 Ya’ like it Retr0?

Find More Posts by amigakit. I tried several times to install Windows 98 Upgrade and I always get no system disk error when I flip dll floppy drive for the cd-rom.