Anyone know what that looks like? Finally I found the solution! Roney May 9th, at They offer a full featured trial that you can download from their website in case anybody is looking for something to test their reader with. Please, if possible, drop me an email.

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Enabling Dell Latitude RFID/NFC (Broadcom ) ·

Thanks for the information! Any help would be very helpful. They offer a full featured trial that you can download from their website in case anybody is looking for something to test their reader with.

Repeat test if necessary. Thanks for the great post btw. As near as I can tell, the driver and the reader software is all up to date.

Download driver for laptop, Dell Computer Corporation Precision M4700 01

Also, be sure the wireless kill switch is not turned off, it is near the IR port. Screen brightness Fn keys worked out of box.

I just phoned up the Dell support hotline and they told me that my model simply does not have the contactless option installed. A Video can be unstable at times coming out of standby or switching to console and back to X – installing Xorg broadvom.


Driver for Dell broadcom ush w/swipe sensor – Windows 10, 8, 7

Stigh Aarstein November 5th, at I could not get For logon with the contacted reader, the Dell smartcard should work contact Dell. Is there a little tool to check whether the antenna is working properly and the chip has been found?

Detailed description of install and follow up on here. I was about to email them for help but then I found your site.

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Ufaa March 5th, at Martin May 4th, at Im running windows 7 64 bit. The smart card you are using may be missing required driver software or a required certificate. Fn keys do work when audio is working. Please, usj possible, drop me an email. In DOS prompt execute ushfw….

Hi, I have been able to enable the normal mode on the RFID chip E but am having difficulties finding any software to scan with. Did you reboot after changing the mode? Also I am not able to locate the place to insert a prdcision one.


Oliver July 22nd, at I found the real 64 bit drivers in the XP 64 section. ATI proprietary driver also works well. Is there for instance a simple java program i could run to see if at least i can communicate with the reader? What specific cards is supported by the contacted smartcard reader? Manuel Greetings from austria.

Keyboard backlight brightness can only be set using Dell Control Point under Windows, but the setting is remembered.

The normal Smart Card slot is working. Works fine since I have problem with my Dell z cordless smart card reader.