Instead of running battery benchmark tests I used a real world battery drain test. The full-sized keyboard with Traditional Chinese characters view large image. Do you thiknk that I need to change the driver for the CD unit? Come on…Logitech should support a new product but they do not. Video settings view large image. I specifically only chose Windows Live Messenger and deselected the rest in order to check the webcam and microphone were working.

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It is good to use at least 2Gig of RAM when using the 64 bit version. Thank you again for your input.

After much trying to find a usable driver at the synaptics website without success, this driver link solved the scrolling problem. Please enter a price and a quantity! This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

This will last you on a trans-continental flight between the East and West coast easily. Sandeep Ghatuary Replied on March 21, Add to watch list. Over the past few days of using it on battery power, I find that I consistently get between 4 to 4 hours of battery life using it for general purpose work, watching videos off the media server, and surfing the internet.

Extended battery pack, worldwide AC adapter and various mains lead view large image.

Windows 7 64 bit on Dell XPS M – UbiKann – Empowering Ubiquity

Screen open front view view large image. After a boot or two most of my drivers were pulled in via Windows Update and installed. Send your laptop to the Dell Experts! Yet, when Ubuntu a competitor to your major competitor, with del growing and loyal user base, has users asking for better support, Logitech ignores them.


Metal chassis and nice fit and finish overall Nice competitive pricing compared to similar configured machines from its rivals Well, Dell is well known for its discount coupons and low prices Cons: I love Logitech products and have several.

I will be installing Windows 7 Ulitmate x64 on a brand new hard drive with a clean install and saving my XP system drive as a back xpa drive should the new drive fail for any reason.

Here with the lid closed you see the media buttons, headphone and mic jacks, and the rotating camera on the XPS M view large image. Curious about all the 64bit talk here and if anyone has run into problems upgrading 32 bit Vista to 32 bit Win 7.

I am wishing to do the same with my m however I do not have the installation disks that came with the laptop. The only tools needed is a small phillips head screw driver and a I see no ones posted for some time but camerra I would ask anyway….

But it said that my Webcam was not attached but my Mic was.

Hi Chris, Kudos for sharing the info and the links. Alienware Area 51 m 2. Waiting to see what Dell offers for poor suckers like myself that had to fork our all that money for a Vista Ultimate that was a joke in terms of stability. Otherwise you can read in the article above for certain drivers that you may still need after running Windows Update several times.


Dell XPS M1210 Logitech Quickcam Quality Sample

Again sorry for my english. R If you have a Blackberry, first install Desktop Manger. One thing that struck me about the M upon first using it is that, while being a I have the botton to the right of my power button that i pushed and my web cam came on.

That will show current and past invoices, and gives you a pay now function.

Dell OEM XPS M Camera Replacement TH Webcam TH

The blue effects lighting on the front located silver media buttons is very nice. Dell XPS M 2. Well, I like to catch my father or others doing crazy things. Thanks for the above post itmade my life a lot easier.

If I do need driver updates, can anyone please tell me where I can go to find them for Windows 7?