These are system pulls from a network. It was a human mistake. This would fill the job of having a really nice organ and VA synth sim upstairs with proper drawbars, waterfall keys, and if the newly spec’s action is as nice as people are saying, I’m seeing this instrument do really well as an option over Nord and Hammond. The editor allows to edit every single control and all global options, store and organize up to 32 complete setups, create and store three custom velocity curves, and much more. See other items More

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So right now, if I want to use a 2 manual organ, I need to switch profile to the default Gemini VB-3 or create a similare profile.

XS71 – DIAMOND XtremeSound PCI Channels 16 bit Sound Card

A clavinet should be stretched tuned because it’s a stringed instrument. It is an inch less wide than my Mojo.

For example if I want the electric bass how would I do that? Thanks for taking the time! Yet I get nothing but pops and clicks.

XS71UV2 Diamond Xtreme Sound External USB Sound Card (XS71UV2)

Same color and sleek design as the car! There are more than a few companies who listen to us and other feedback they collect from the field; however, implementing changes, suggestions, feedback, etc isn’t as easy as you might think Any manufacturer with brains in their heads monitors the forums these days.


The excellent review you wrote for the Diamond Xtreme Sound 7. Since most of you who are interested have researched it already and know the specs, I will just offer my general overview. It isn’t plug and play and takes some setting up, so if you aren’t computer savy or want to just be able to scroll through presets and hit every sound in a board, this isn’t the right sojnd for you.

The piano sound comes from the included sample player, which also includes some CP samples, synth samples, etc. That is, if you had it on fast speed and changed the drawbar preset will it remain at that speed or switch to the default speed of the second preset?

Diamond Xtreme Sound PCI (XS51) Sound Card

After a while,without reason, or there may be some reason which I can’t figure I don’t think it has EAX. I have had an HX3 organ module for a few weeks and it seems to make diakond. Source The point is that if you want to use a distortion, you should tune it so that 4ths and 5ths sound well aligned, the drawback is that you’ll find some altered intervals somewhere, making it appear soynd of tune.

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Keep in mind though that the effects that produce a stereo image will probably “I haven’t tried this” come out of both outputs. So a clavinet has it’s own way of sounding best Now that the Gemini has been developed. My guess is, it could be xtrdme added to the synth engine, depending on the dev’s will. I want to upgrade my Acoustic Piano sound. The Wurli reed engine is separate engine, but appears to work the same way.


I’m looking forward to trying this out.

Man does that thing sound good. I am not a huge user of a virtual trumpet, for example.

I get a “This video is private” message. Don’t know why but box came with two cards and two discs. Can anyone confirm whether this is a real issue or nothing to worry about?

Something dtreme Pianoteq would be a worthwhile effort on this hardware. For synth and piano sounds, the keybed uses velocity and the lower trigger point and it feels great. Lastly, I am really astonished at what they’ve put together with the VA engine. VB3 has 22 different tonewheel organ models in it Sun Valley, California, United States.