View text files in this mode to make text clearer. Press [d] to select among [Mode] modes. Switches between different image sources: Automatically adjusts to the optimal brightness and focal length. Unplug the Document Camera during thunderstorms or if it is not going to be used for an extended period, do not place the Document Camera or remote control on top of beat-emitting equipment or heated objects such as a car and etc. Refer servicing to licensed service Personnel.

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Cameta [f] or [e] to select [Microscope]. Some functions are not available on the control panel and the remote control in this mode. Press [d ] to enable [Slide Show Effect]. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.

To reduce the risk of electric shock. Always take the following precautions when handling the plug. Press [MENU] to exit. Press [f] or [e] to browse the through saved images. In Skype, for example, complete the following steps: Deletes images stored in the doccument memory. Freezes the current image temporarily on the screen.


Press [f] or [e] to select [Yes]. Press [PBP] to return to the stored image screen. Press [d] to select among [Auto Tune] modes.

Dukane Camera 335B – document camera

DIP switch Bottom Czmera – 6 3. A window displaying a live image see below will appear. Press [MENU] to enter the on-screen menu. When both parties are connected, Skype will display the video screen.

Press [PBP] to enter the photo selection screen. Do not place the Document Camera on an unstable trolley, stand or table.

Press [Cancel] to exit. English – 9 2.

Dukane Camera B User`s guide |

Use the type of power source indicated on damera Document Camera. The operation is identical from both the remote control and the control panel.

Press [d] to select [Factory Reset]. Press [PAN] to exit the partially zoom in mode. To obtain the latest manuals, literature, and software please visit the Dukane web site at; camwra.

Press [d] to select [Lamp] modes. English – 16 Chapter 7 Descriptions of Major Functions 7. Place the Document Camera where it can be easily unplugged.


Dukane Document Camera 335 Digital Presenter

Do not use the Document Camera near water or source of heat. English – 23 3. Please close the currently running applications and then execute the desired application.

Press [d] to select [Delete All]. Or increase the distance between the lens and the document, and then press the [FOCUS] button on the right documetn of the lens.