Please avoid special characters excepts: Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. Please contact customersupport torstar. Including an abiding sense of community that links so many aspects of the enterprise together. They have also been encouraged by the growing number of small distillers and area brewers. By the front door of the distillery stands a large empty silo. Gorgeous event space with several food truck-meet-cocktail events in the works for this summer.

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By Christine Sismondo Special to the Star. Community Dec 28, To landscape grandfather Richard continues to live just a few kilometres from the farm distillery, near Ayr.

The trio said they have received great support from the community, as well as from family and friends. This small family farm, the former van der Heyden homestead, is where three young partners — brothers year-old Jordan and year-old Nolan van der Heyden, and Cam Formica, 29 — make Willibald gin.

Register now on CambridgeTimes. Celebrating Our Regional Climbing Scene. When that certification comes the trio will be ready for their first grain harvest. By the front door of the distillery stands a large empty silo. Formica says everyone finds it funny that he has to drive by a giant yellow sign with the name he was trying to leave behind him.


Willibald Farm Distillery dream will soon be a reality on the outskirts of Ayr |

Evidence that their plans for a vsc308 of dreams bar were timely. After looking at locations in Kitchener and Waterloo, the trio decided there was no place like home for their new business.

You can use letters: This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Please avoid special characters excepts: While they have big expansion plans, at the moment it is the only product made here.

Gorgeous event space with several food truck-meet-cocktail events in the works for this summer. Until then, distilleries could only cakera small samples of straight spirits. Things to do Dec 27, Turns out Willibald derives from a family name, dug up by the van der Heyden brothers, who grew up in Ayr.

For many of us they might seem like odd tags with which we never really identify — and fotmika even attempt to keep hidden. Though not half as excited, I bet, as they must be. They opened to the public last year, after four years of planning. Eventually the partners hope to get their products onto the shelves of area LCBO outlets.


Seminole County Florida

Submit Register Login To post a comment please register or login. First names, on the other hand, identify us as individuals in the immediate here and now. In one corner of the room is a stainless steel table filled with chemistry beakers and mason jars. After that, we started ticketing our Summer Sessions, so that we could limit it to a couple of hundred people. The almost-gothic font and bright yellow colours of the Willibald logo denote a German rural past that speaks to ds308, community and heritage.

News Dec 28, That opening will mark just the beginning for Willibald. The other half of the building dwc308 filled with pallets of ingredients, stainless steel vats and tubing, a towering copper still, and a stack of used whisky barrels waiting to be filled with alcohol.

Seminole County Florida

My Star location Select Location. As for middle names — they are, more often than not, relegated to obscurity or even reduced to a single letter. But what about that name?