This product is a class I laser product. The next step requires threading cables through the chassis. To remove the cable lock, unlock it and pull it out of the cable lock slot as shown in the following illustration. Select your Linux OS version. Locate the faulty device by removing all devices and then reinstalling one at a time until workstation fails. However, to protect the environment, do not dispose of batteries in household waste.

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For your safety, always connect the equipment to a grounded wall outlet. If these whiskers are disturbed, they might break off and become airborne, possibly causing failures or operational interruptions.

Drive configurations can xw43000. Establish and manage passwords and other security features. When combined with HP Client Manager Software, this feature notifies the network administrator when the normal range is exceeded.

These settings can be changed using Computer Setup. There are three levels of protection, as described in the following table.

To replace the front bezel, reverse the previous steps.

HP XW Issues – Avid Community

By establishing a setup password in the Computer Setup F10 Utility, you can protect the ROM from being unintentionally updated or overwritten. Monitor degaussing coil has been activated. Enabling the system administrator to perform this task remotely on multiple workstations and personal computers results in a consistent deployment of and greater control over HP PC ROM images over the network.


This product was sold by a third party. Black Friday deals at Sam’s Club start Thursday: Select the Test tab. Install the latest BIOS located at http: If installing four SATA hard drives, you must install hard drives in at least two optical drive bays.

Diagnostic lights do not flash on USB keyboards Replicating the Setup The following procedures give an administrator the ability to easily copy one setup configuration to other workstations of the same model. When attached to the system, the keyboard and mouse remain locked until the power-on password is entered. Create a bootable diskette. There are four American National screws located on the chassis near the hard drive.

Open hood, press power button, and see if the processor fan spins. Also, review the Safety and Regulatory Guide that came with your workstation for more information. Intel Pentium D processor 3.

HP xw4300 Service And Technical Reference Manual

Loosen the captured heatsink screws from the system board in pairs. This allows you to power down quickly without closing applications and to return quickly to the same operational state without any data loss. Press Enter to drag a device to a preferred place. However, if there are no under-utilized zcsi units to work with, HT Technology does not provide any benefit, so not all system applications benefit from the technology.


Running tests is optional but cssi after installing or connecting a new device. Please use the product number and serial numbers of the new product to validate warranty status.

Steps For Removal And Replacement Of Components Steps for Removal and Replacement of Components This section discusses the procedures necessary to remove and install various hardware components on your workstation. Don’t have an account? The version with a cable also prevents entire system theft and allows multiple systems to be secured with a single cable.

HP strongly recommends that all screws removed during disassembly be kept with the removed part, then returned to their proper locations.

HP xw4300 Workstation Product Specifications

This action warms the thermal interface material between the CPU heatsink and processor so that the thermal bond loosens and can more easily be broken. Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Insert the Zw4300 and Diagnostics CD into the workstation. This product was sold by a reseller.