It trashed out the HD and came to a halt with only a partial install of the OS. Their architecture is very closely related. Reason I ask is going into BIOS will usually recall known good parameters if it detects something is askew. Saturday, December 18, 2: SATA 2 Raid question.

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Capacity of 1 hard drive. Anyway, I hate to say it but I guess I will have to throw in the towel on this one.

Cant get memory to run in dual just single. Right now this is Dperl, pentium4 2.

Friday, Rzid 19, 8: Over on the ABXZone. I get excellent boot time of 32sec and until recently have had absolutely “NO” hardware issues or software issues. Glad to hear you solved your problem.

Support for Intel® Desktop Board DPERL

I’ve Googled that and found several posts that say up to 1TB is recognized without partitioning. Fast read Fast write. Removing one gig of RAM did solve that problem.


Reason I ask is going into BIOS will usually recall known good parameters if it detects something is askew.

Windows 7 does include the chipset drivers as well as drivers for most of the onboard hardware.

In the begining it like once a week maybe. Obviously Windows should not be halting while it is booting, regardless of the hardware.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D865PERL

So, there’s a SATA3 success story for you. It allows up to 3.

After the loading files progress bar completes and the “Starting Windows” screen has appeared. Edited by MadCow Sunday, September 2, 6: Instead, later during Rad Setup, however, you will be prompted to insert the RAID d865eprl floppy disk that came with the desktop board.

Try installing the OS Win 7 and adding the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers here during the installation, download floppy to usb external storage. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Intel does not provide Win7 drivers for this chipset.

If it works, you’re welcome if not please let me know. Fast read Slightly degraded write. Be careful what kind of HD you buy, because the new drives on store shelves are soon going to be all of the advanced format type.


The machine was having a hard time booting but would get there after about 2 minutes. How d865pelr post beeps are you hearing? Advanced configuration menu, usb sub-menu.

Intel® Desktop Board D865PERL

You can add them that way also. I wasn’t concerned, bad driver I thought. I have also tried Win7 Pro and Win7 Ultimate and they will also install.

Are your driver and BIOS updated.

The other clue for me was “After the machine is in the powered off state for about 30 minutes, it returns to its hang on boot behavior. Tuesday, March 2, Should i replace my dvd drive with a sata one? Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: