For us the standard shaft was a bit disappointing, so the TP version with it’s better quality shaft is the one to go for if your budget can stretch that far. Irons Srixon Z 4-PW. I believe that golfers currently using TaylorMade drivers would be well served to upgrade to the new line if they are looking for even more control. When you increase launch you introduce changes to both spin and ball speed that could work against the total distance. It is much heavier due to the cartridges they had in the head.

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The R7 Quad is a line of golf clubs manufactured by TaylorMade. Steel shafts, persimmon heads, down the middle of the fairway yrds.

TaylorMade r7 425/460 Drivers Review

Previously they only had 4 weights at cc or the R5 Dual TP with 2 weights at cc, so this is the maximum they can do and it certainly slots very well into their range.

Steve Almo 2 years ago. Its setup is classic TaylorMade — confident and easy. Recently a comparison was made between the M2 and M1 with practically no difference, except when the M2 was adjusted, and could apparently be done so to a greater fine tuning, the results were statistically significant.

Seriously, when does it end with these guys. Toe knee 2 years ago. I would expect higher yardage gains from higher swing speeds. Would be interesting to see the difference with ball vs ball with Superquad, vs ball vs ball vs M1. S, I saw a recent Australian golf show segment where a 10 handicapper golfer hit 10 shots with an R7 and then 10 shots with an M1, with trackman and computer analysis and the only difference in the results was the spin rate of the R7 was about higher than the M1.


What would you expect them to do? My first impressions of the r7 were not good. It looks like all we have to do to make the SuperQuad equal to the M1 is to raise the loft a bit with the adjustable hosel and move the weights forward to cut down on spin.

Inwith the release of the r7 Quad driver, TaylorMade brought movable weight technology to the masses.

TaylorMade r7 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Jonathan Zajicek 2 years ago. I may be mistaken, but over square metres looks like a significant difference in dispersion between the drivers. Again, the style is very similar to the old r7 Quad, but has a much more sleek and new-age look.

Distance does not equal improved scores. Amen Corner 2 years ago. Hopefully by the Fall, these will be down in price after what I’ve read in the previous posts. How do I know this? Cracked the face and was never able to find something that kept up to this day.


I was crushing it. It would certainly point me in the right direction for my person testing.

Playing around with the weights does give the desired flight, but the head seemed a little heavier than other drivers in the market, which we think is a general TaylorMade thing. Few of them are right or wrong in any absolute sense…just different.

We wanted to learn how far technology has progressed over the years, and so we put the M1 and the SuperQuad to the test. That article proved the best hit extra yards from TM were something like x Mae, and that completely opened my eyes. The cc clubhead puts the r7 right between the r7 Quad and the r5 Dual ccboth literally and in appearance.

TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad Driver Review – Golfalot

Christopher Holman 2 years ago. This may account for some of the accuracy issue. Zach 2 years ago. Timbo 2 years ago.

nade What would be the results when a new shaft is put into the older head? Distance would be longer at the price of greater dispersion.