Log issue in Serial Flash. For PROB2 hardware only. It can power router for approximate 6hrs after a power failure. Fax2Email is a compact web-server used to convert incoming faxes and redirects it to email boxes. NetAgent Mini is designed as an ultra-compact and convenient tool to remotely monitor and manage UPS system. This page was last updated on:

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If you specify both battery. Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to do more.

Centralized authentication by Radius. Try -DD for finding out the strings to match. Forged with a more powerful CPU and kernel allows this model to do more. BT external card BT internal card. Please contact the WebMaster if you find any problems with the download page.

Send Wake on LAN when power restored. All the “serial over USB” devices that I have seen have used a manufacturer-specific hack.

MSNswitch is designed to automatically power-cycle its outlet when either; a the internet connectivity is lost, or b the network device crashes.


So, if someone out there with an UPS supported by the “megatec” driver and with an Megated interface wants to try this, I would appreciate the feedback SMS is now in 7-bit and Unicode. Email problem with Exchange Server.

megatec_usb – Driver for Megatec protocol based USB UPS equipment – Linux Man Pages (8)

BP external card BP internal card. Not available on some hardware. Connect LAN cable to ez Outlet2 ii. Toggle between “Outlet On” or “Outlet Off”. Support UBS Wifi This is not reliable under load, as this only gives reasonably accurate readings if you disconnect the load, let the battery rest for a couple of minutes and then measure meatec open cell voltage.

Daisy-chain 16units to control a total of outlets. Visit MSNswitch website at http: Manual in English, Trad. Doug Reynolds Previous Firmware Release Notes: DX 1-port internal card Model: The Solution to R emote Power Management. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?


megatec_usb (8) – Linux Man Pages

Temperature log in battery testing log. It is currently being worked on and may change over time.

No such file or directory here are my configuration files for the ups: If you do this, please notify the author of this driver. This driver supports the USB versions of UPSs, if you have only serial interface then use the straight meagtec 8 driver. CT external card CT internal card.

Wish you can remotely reset your router or device? Send Wake on LAN when power is restored. The driver will attempt to detect this automatically, but if this fails somehow, you may want to override this value.