After you have registered, download the Easysoft driver for your database from the product page for that driver. Hopefully a quick question. How to pass data from one form to another when the form is closed. How to extract the License Server installation from Visual Cobol 2. Setup ODBC driver tracing. Increasing performance of index file I-O using sharing modes. For installation instructions, see the Easysoft product documentation.

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Setup multi-file or multi-company tables in Relativity. At lot of this is described in the Release Notes. Create multiple files with variable length records from a single file description. Repeat the steps to stop the tracing and micrkfocus the trace file to the incident for our review.

Use the Data Client one instead. How to find the control with focus when a key is pressed on a Windows Form.

Setup ODBC driver tracing

Trim nulls from a. The project requires user input. Unable to locate dlls on a network drive. Getting error “This application has failed to start because mfsqlsmf. Increasing microfocuus when using alternate keys in an indexed file.


Running CTF traces from command line.

When building a Cobol program using Net Express 5. Here is the error. It can be used to change the name of the data files that the tables open, but more importantly, it can be used to add users to the security groups and set passwords.

How to search for a text string through all programs in a Visual Studio project or Solution. Failure writing to target file.

Relativity and ODBC connections

This is what I see and I just need direction is what to share with my developer odhc is relavant. Speed up indexed file performance when opening files for input.

Automatically refresh a bound WPF control when values of bound object are updated. Ldbc LogonUser and LogonAuth values are a valid Windows username and password that can be used to log in to mywindowsserver. Display a Combobox control as read-only on Windows Form.

How to install Rumba after Enterprise Developer has been installed? Relativity Designer driver with the following dll files – obviously some of them are internal for compiling and creating the file layouts. Overlay multiple panels on a Windows Form using User Controls. This configuration, of course, requires that a Data Server be installed micrococus the machine with the data.


Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

Displaying a different Tooltip image for each dataGridView row. When I launch a Dialog System application from a desktop shortcut the console window briefly appears and disappears before my application starts.

Error opening installation log file when attempting to uninstall an application. Debugging remote projects where source and executables are on different machines. In reply to MikeS: All ODBC calls will now be logged to the specified log file.

Increasing performance of index dobol I-O using sharing modes. How can I setup tracing? Error reading console daemon configuration data. Disconnect Context Int16 ByRef “. How to read a text file using.